designcraft. Authentic design. Not fakes.

designcraft Proudly Supports Authentic and Original Design.

Our strategic partners, suppliers and associates are like minded design businesses who share our beliefs.

Education of both our team and clients is an inherent part of what we do and there is a high level of investment in the products we represent.

Designcraft is a member of the Authentic Design Alliance (ADA) that believes in the same following philosophy:

  • both our design heritage and our creative design future rest upon the support of designers’ original work;
  • original design is an investment;
  • originals are manufactured by licensed factories producing high quality work supported by warranties;
  • the manufacture of authentic design by licensed companies ensures best practice in areas of sustainability and fair working conditions for workers;
  • support of authentic design is an ethical, practical and aesthetic decision which shows respect to the designer; and

The innovative design leap grows from inspired creativity through entrepreneurial financial investment, research and development, production and marketing processes. This investment cycle needs protection from copies as not all products become financially successful bestsellers or classics.

Furthermore, working together with our strategic partners on larger projects and pooling our manufacturing capabilities when required, allows us to efficiently manage large commercial projects and ensures that the best possible product for our clients is available quickly and at the best possible price. 


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