What's the Future of the Office?

From better support for people working at home, to dynamic workplace networks that offer people more variety and choice than ever before, see why we’re excited about the future of the office.


Four Insights to Shape Workplace Strategy

Future of the Office

Future of the Office


Watch the Future Unfold

Hear from Herman Miller’s Vice President of Global Research & Insights on how offices of the future should evolve to become places that give people the flexibility to work when and where they want.



Three Activities Every Office Should Support

For many people, the days of going into the office every day and sitting at the same desk for eight hours are over. But that doesn’t mean the workplace is irrelevant. Check out three types of activities people will want to do when they are in the office.



1. Connect with Extended Network

Areas that encourage people to interact with colleagues they don’t see every day allow people to build the relationships that are critical for maintaining culture. These spaces also help people feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

Connect with Extended Network



2. Focus on Intensive Work

Safely maintained, reservable on-site workstations are especially important since many people have difficulty focusing at home, especially on brain-intensive work.

Focus on Intensive Work



3. Collaborate with Colleagues

Highly interactive settings that facilitate immersive on-site collaboration give people the time, space and tools to solve complex problems that are difficult to address remotely.

Collaborate with Colleagues



How Herman Miller Can Help

Whether you’re just beginning to transform your workplace or you’ve been doing so for years, Herman Miller has insights, products and services to help your people stay productive and healthy in the office, at home and beyond. We can help you:

  • Gain insights
  • Reach business goals
  • Develop a work-from-home programme
  • Measure and improve strategy
  • Outfit spaces with supportive furnishings

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