Fable Outside by Didier


Fable Oak collection was first introduced as six essential utilities: a spoon, a bowl, a stool, a chair, a table and a storage cabinet by one of Australia’s most successful and original commercial designers, Ross Didier. 

Six essential elements pared back to the bare original character.

These typical elements are also represented in traditional children’s tales and seem to conjure belief that a woodsman has simply stepped outside, chopped down a tree and hand-carved these functional objects – the simplicity of this setting defines cottage craft and each object is created uniquely from materials that seem immediately accessible from just outside the door.

These myths have been reinterpreted and designed for modern-day utility.

The Fable oak family was then extended to include a range of stools, armchairs, lounge chairs, an open bookshelf, tables and mirrors.

Didier has now introduced Fable Outside, the collection for exterior use – the matching character fabricated with aluminium and stainless steel with each piece toughened up for braving the harshest of elements. Fable Outdoor provides the aesthetic of indoor furniture to outdoor spaces.


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