Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube


bernabeifreeman was established in 2002 by Rina Bernabei and Kelly Freeman, an industrial design company focusing on surface decoration and patterning for interior products and finishes. They have earned an international reputation for creating award-winning products from perforated metal. Their products can be found at the Establishment Hotel and BLUE Hotel, Sydney. bernabeifreeman have recently ventured into textiles and homewares.


Auction to help Bushfire Affected

Well, what a way to start a year, spending our holidays glued to the TV watching bushfire updates and worrying about the welfare of friends and family in fire-affected areas.

As a member of the Canberra business community since 1991, we are all too familiar with the threat that fire poses to our local communities and to our native flora and fauna.

Having endured the terrible bushfires in the ACT in 2003, and having


The Cosm chair by Herman Miller has been dubbed “the pinnacle of personalisation” by TIME for its auto-harmonic tilt, intercept suspension, and more. We’re excited that Herman Miller’s Cosm chair by  Studio7.5 has been listed by TIME as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019.

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Photo: Stephanie Gonot

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